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Duke TV? Duke Movies? Please!!

Demo interface, as most know almost all of First Person Shooter games have a demo recording interface. That lets you view your Death Matches, ctf matches, ect.. And lets you remember the good ole' times. Now a small corner section of all fps communities namely the Quake Community. Has gone and become it's own section called the Quake Movie Community. This lil Community has devoted most of there game-time to the persute to make a sorta 3d animated movies using the the demo inferfaces Quake has provided. So of are simple recamers, other develop mods/models/music/voice/plot.. making feature length productions even reaching 2 hours long. Bet you never imagined the possibilities. But with a new game the Qmovie Community is going to want so special features, here's what I think we might want....

As a notorious member of the 3D Game Engine Film Community (Qmovie Community). I'm sure I speak for everyone, Please!!! Please!! Let DNF have the same demo recording interface Quake2 has.. Simple and easy. The world would be a better place, and our lil community will feel more blessed than anything before. Not to mention Quake2 demos are the simplist demo's to recam, edit, insert sounds ect.. It would be making fellow recammers d@#$ happy..Just think of the possibilities the the Fine quality DNF films/demos/recams that could be made.. especially if CRT(creator of Keygrip 1&2 best demo editor out) or some Holy soul made a program like Kg2 to edit the demos.

We want some kool demo sh@#!!! And no we don't need a built in demo launcher like other games.. Tribes, Sin, ect.. I mean how hard is it to make a console like quake2 universal.. so we can just type "map whatever.dm2". Oh that would be sweet.. ID started it.. just improve on it..We all know 3d realms Rockz at doing that.. Just hope they don't get the wrong idea on what people want.

Next on my demand list.. Fire or smoke would be great!! That was a big turn off for alot of people when tring to make a movie.. they have no fire in Quake 2!!! Kinda makes movies suck with out some of the kool nessesties of Real Life.

Another added goodie would be a extra lil demo editor just as good as KG2 or better.. then I and the rest of the community would worship DNF for a long long time.. just like we worship CRT.. in a sort.. :P.. A built in demo editor of superior quality .. would not only attract the already demo interested but it would bring in a new crowd of people who don't know of such high quality films like.. FFB, Blahbaliqious and ofcorse that oh so nice. 2 hour epic.. Devils Convenant!!!

If your interested in learning more about the Qmovie Community besure to visit the following sites:
::The CinePlex:: -- Best Source for Downloading of Game Films --
::The Quake Movie Library:: -- Center of the QMC --
::Keygrip:: -- Fantastic Demo Editor --
::Dr|fter's Rant:: -- The QMC's #1 Radio Show --

And leaving this article short and sweet I have left you with a taste of the wish list of the 3d Game film Makers. Good day and good Nite.. Keep watching those monitors for those flashy flicks with Duke himself.

- Article by: Dr|fter

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